16 janvier 2022


Did you know that Monday, January 17th, is a Blue Monday?

In fact, the 3rd Monday of every January is supposedly the most depressing day of the year! This is according to the publicity campaign done by Sky Travel in 2005.

So, the least positive day on the calendar has taken on new meaning since last year, as many are experiencing an increased level of stress, fatigue, and sadness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are the three types of blues! Which category do you belong to?

There’s the Monday Blues. It’s already known that some people hate Mondays because, it follows the weekend which generally is 2 days of freedom and fun! So, it’s normal for some of us to feel blue and to need a transition period of a couple of hours to adapt to our weekly schedule of work, activities, and chores.

There’s also the January Blues! After the Christmas season, it’s normal for anyone to feel a little down after the holiday expenses and celebrations… or to feel disappointed after abandoning a new year resolution. One can also feel tired or discouraged due to the days being colder, shorter, and darker! The lack of daylight can change anyone’s mood because not getting enough sunlight or vitamin D has been shown to decrease our happiness and energy.

And some people experience the Winter Blues! Is that you? In addition to being affected by one of the reasons above, you have few social interactions and are going through a life challenge alone. I would even say a double challenge (if we include the consequences of the pandemic) and this makes you sad, angry, impatient, and powerless. Know that I’m sensitive to your emotional state and sufferings.

Here’s a touching and inspirational quote by the singer Jane Marczewski (also known as Nightbirde who’s got cancer):

« You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy… »

So, whether you’re feeling the Monday, January, or Winter blues… they’re real emotions you should listen to! Here are some of my tips to help you feel better and hopefully help you enjoy the rest of the colors of the rainbow!


1. Eat healthy!
When feeling blue, one tends to eat fatty foods or sweets. But surely you know that it’s unhealthy and that sugar crashes cause fatigue. Try eating fresh fruits & vegetables and drinking water regularly to help you improve your mood and boost your energy.

2. Surround yourself with color!
Buy flowers, a decorative pillow or wear a sweater with a happy color like yellow, a mind-stimulating color, or orange which has a cheerful effect. This small change can uplift your mood and brighten your day.

3. Breathe fresh air!
Take some time to go outside (walk or even sit on your porch) and breathe some fresh air. Or open a window for a few minutes to ventilate your home with cool air – this will help you feel and maybe sleep better.

4. Be active!
Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress and improve self-esteem as exercise releases endorphins which gives your body a positive feeling of happiness. Watch a video like Walk at home 1 mile or do a 10-minute daily exercise will help you beat the winter blues and your body will thank you.

5. Expose yourself in the sun!
The sunlight is good for your mental health. Exposing yourself through the window indoors or going outdoors to the natural light for a few minutes will increase the level of serotonin in the brain and will improve your mood. So… 1, 2, 3 go!

6. Create a cozy moment at home!
Snuggle yourself in a comfortable pyjama or with a soft blanket to keep you warm and enjoy a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

7. Listen to some good music!
Listening to your favorite music can touch your heart, motivate you to move your body and uplift your spirits.

8. Declutter your house!
Put some order in an area or in a room and see how you feel.

9. Find and practice a new hobby!
Try knitting, painting, cooking, doing a puzzle or taking time to read a book you like will make you proud and make you feel happy.

10. Cultivate a gratitude attitude!
Every morning (or night), write in a journal (or think) of 3 things you’re thankful for. It can be as simple as being able to surf the internet to read this article or receiving a smile from a stranger. Being in a grateful state can help you find the smallest solution to your problems.

11. Keep in touch with your friends & family!
Isolation and lack of communication are the two biggest reasons for feeling blue. So, write or call a close friend or relative to chat and ask for their support.

12. Contact a therapist to talk it through during therapy!
Winter, spring, summer or fall… call a caring & compassionate therapist to listen to you, reflect you your needs and resources to help you!

So… which tip(s) will you choose today to help you feel better?

Whichever action you decide, I truly wish you to take good care of yourself, one small step at a time!

And should you need some professional help, I’m available to listen to your story, help you beat the winter blues and be the best you in 2022.



Anne Mc Cready
TRA, Therapist for Relationship Assistance

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